Sushi Hiro 8 Thong Lor

Having a massive craving for sushi, we headed to Sushi Hiro on the second floor of 8 Thong Lo. It was raining on a weekday evening so the restaurant was incredibly quiet with less than 5 tables occupied.

Sushi Hiro has promotions and offers every now and then, so it’s always good to check out their promotional menu before ordering.

There was an ongoing promotion for foie gras sushi however the condition is that your bill payment must be in cash. We ordered 4 pieces for sharing and it was so good we were tempted to go for more. Dish came accompanied with a sweet sauce that wasn’t too overwhelming and compliments it well.

We also had the salmon sashimi set and I honestly felt the salmon belly was nothing special despite carrying the heavier price tag. Salmon wasn’t cleanly cut though; we had to separate the slices on our own.

There was no bill shock and prices are still reasonable by Singapore standards with the price range approximately 2000-2500b for 2 pax, depending on what you’re ordering of course.