I’ve known myself to be someone who finds it hard to say no to friends. It is my personal philosophy that if it’s within my means, then lets not make it hard for anyone. Compromise is key.

Having recognized this, I’m sure most people will agree that I’m one of the most selfless, loyal and reliant friend around, (that’s if I even consider you as a friend) and probably the reason why I’m the go-to person whenever they need help.

This doesn’t always turn out in my favor though, because that’s precisely also the problem here. Whenever I say no, people find it offensive, especially since there’s this impression that I will always say yes. It seems that a “no” coming from me feels like a harsh and obnoxious rejection.

This has been troubling me for the past month. I’ve been wondering if there was there was any point of time, or somewhere along the lines, I’ve done anything wrong that caused friendship bridges to be burned.

Perhaps my only mistake from the beginning is that I say yes to everyone and anything.