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Identity Crisis

I used to have many aspirations.

When I just graduated from polytechnic, I wanted to join a uniformed career. I knew how important it was to have a stable income in Singapore and working in the government provides that kind of stability. After hearing stories and experiences from both friends and relatives, I tried for both the Police Force and Airforce. I wanted to have stories that I will be able to tell my grandkids in the future.

For a period of time, I aspired to be an entrepreneur. I wanted to run my own business and be a self-made millionaire. I had so many ideas about the various businesses I could set up and manage. I was obsessed with the idea of being rich. Nothing mattered more to me than a breakthrough in financial freedom.

Later, I attended Bible College and felt a calling to go for full-time ministry. I was willing to commit my life to serve the church and my spiritual mentors. I was so driven I did whatever it took to get me halfway to the top.

I then decided, why not mix 2 ideas together? I could set up a business about impacting lives. I had ideas about becoming a life coach, conducting motivational workshops, giving inspirational talks and organizing team-building activities. I started to read more about NLP, body language and plenty of other self-help books to give myself more inspiration. I was determined that this was something that I would really like to see happen.

After University, I loved Sociology so much that I wanted to pursue a career in the academic industry so that I could continue living my interest. I took on several research positions and even contemplated on the idea of taking my Masters so that I could eventually become a Sociology lecturer.

After 26 years of my life, I think I still have not figured life out. I want to believe that I am still Proven Character but if I was really capable at something, I wouldn’t be taking such a long time to succeed at it.

So now? Now, I am a simple guy.
I just want to be happy.

I noah guy

Spending the past one year in Thailand alone, my phone book is the most important thing to me.

I know a guy if I need to rent a car.
I know a guy if I need urgent last-minute transportation.
I know a guy if I need some new clothes.
I know a guy if I need a place to stay.
I know a guy if I need someone to drink with.
I know a guy if I need help for work-related matters.

The list goes on, and this list is necessary.

I was in Singapore for 3 weeks and decided to return to Thailand to tie up some loose ends, such as closing my bank account and settling my visa issues, which itself may take some time, so I booked a trip to spend a week in Thailand.

I had everything settled for me, except that I needed somewhere to stay for the 6 nights. As usual, I went through my phone book and enquired from the relevant contacts. I managed to get a nice condominium unit in a upscale location for only 7000 baht for the entire week. (The market rate is around 9000 baht, so I saved about $80.)

I stayed with this guy previously, but that time was at another condominium unit. Hence, upon meeting him, I naturally asked him about this new unit.

Me: So this is a new unit you got? This looks like a new building.
Erik: This is a new building, but no, it’s not mine. This unit actually belongs to someone else. His name is Will and now he lives elsewhere. I am just managing it for him.
Me: Wow, so you are helping Will?
Erik: No, I am helping you.

Brilliant. Brilliant answer.