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During my most recent trip to Bangkok, I stayed at SilQ Hotel which was located a stone’s throw away from Terminal 21. The hotel wasn’t cheap but neither was it very grand. What I really paid for was the convenient access to Terminal 21, as well as both the BTS and MRT stations.

It costed about $80 a night and I have previously also stayed in Arte Hotel which was just further down the street. Arte Hotel was more expensive but the hotel was very much more comfortable so it might be something you would like to consider if don’t mind spending more than $120 a night.

Located right across SilQ Hotel is one of the newest cafes in Bangkok. It was just opened about 2 weeks ago so right now it is the hottest check-in on Instagram. You can’t find the cafe on Google Maps yet but once you enter the street regardless of which direction, the shiny minimalistic exterior makes it impossible to miss.

I like my coffee with milk so I have tried different variations of their iced lattes and I like the Azalea Hill Park the most. The menu image is small but you may click this link to blow it up.

Mix well before consuming.

Sad Clowns

You know what they say about clowns being the saddest people on earth?

I first heard about it in secondary school and back then I did not know why clowns are the saddest people, and to be honest, till today I don’t think I have fully understood what it meant.

I think a lot of it have to do with the expectation of always making people laugh. People look at clowns expecting to be entertained, expecting to get their funny bone tickled, and expecting not to be let down. Clowns have a heavy responsibility to make their audience laugh.

Perhaps that is why deep inside, clowns feel empty. They are the ones always making people laugh but nobody is there to make them laugh.

I understand it this way because I feel this way.

I know I can be someone that people always turn to for advice and encouragement. I can be quite a good listening ear. I am sensitive to the needs of others and I can tell them what they want to hear.

That said,
Someone who constantly encourages others is probably the most discouraged,
For he does not know how to encourage himself.