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Sushi Masa

During the wedding, there were guests who knew I wasn’t local so one of the questions I kept getting was, “So where are you staying at?”

It was easy for me to reply because my hotel was just next door. One of them asked if I have seen this restaurant called Sushi Masa and recommended it to me.

We decided to give Sushi Masa a try one evening, since the restaurant was just behind the hotel.

I had my doubts because the restaurant was empty even at dinner time, but then again Bangkok is never short of Japanese restaurants.

It was a simple menu. Both the chutoro and uni were very fresh so we thoroughly enjoyed them. However the foie gras was overcooked. I had my first piece and I thought maybe it was just this piece, so I went for another and it was overcooked as well. We finished all six pieces and not one was cooked the way we liked. Maybe it was their way of serving the foie gras? We are not sure, but we definitely prefer the ones at Sushi Hiro.

And mind you, it wasn’t cheap either.

Novotel Bangkok Ploenchit

I was in Bangkok to attend a wedding that was held at the Okura Prestige hotel. I booked Novotel Bangkok Ploenchit because it was a 3-minute walk to the wedding venue.

I had to be present for both the morning ceremony and the evening banquet so the proximity was very ideal and convenient for me.

The hotel is a really nice place to stay because the standard double rooms were spacious enough and it basically has everything you need. There are cafes and a 7-11 and an escalator to bring you up to the skytrain station so I don’t see anything to complain about.

My purpose of this post is to highlight a particularly remarkable experience I had when I called room service

You see, my girlfriend twisted her ankle a couple of days ago and she ices it everyday to allow the swell to heal faster. During our stay, as part of her bedtime routine to ice the ankle, I called room service for a bucket of ice. They asked what the ice was for, and I said it was to ice a swollen ankle so they probably should bring some napkins as well. That was it, just a simple request from me and I wasn’t expecting anything else.

A guy showed up very promptly with a bucket filled with ice and also with clean napkins, just as I requested, but about twenty minutes later, I heard some knocking on the door.

I opened the door and was greeted by 2 members of the staff standing outside; one male and one female. They asked if we needed any special assistance for the twisted ankle. I was surprised and very appreciative of their kind gesture, but I thought we were good on our own so I just thanked them for their concern. They then offered to check and assess the injury, which really wasn’t necessary, and provided us with some kind of anti-inflammation gel. We were really touched by such hospitality shown so I sent an email to the front officer manager to make sure the staff get recognized for their considerate and thoughtfulness.

A Bangkok trip is usually a no-frills easy trip, but if I were to come back here again, I will definitely return to Novotel, because I know I will be well taken care of, by service-minded staff who genuinely care and show concern for their guests.

No Name Bangkok

There are a lot of places to get good steak in Bangkok. My most memorable ones were at Arno’s, and Jamie’s Burgers.

I remember having to reserve Arno’s days in advance and even to arrive half an hour before your reservation, just so that you could head to the butchery to choose your favorite steak parts. Right now their branches are everywhere and to be honest, their standards have dropped significantly. I recently had their Hokkaido scallop pasta which was something nice for a change.

Jamie’s Burgers was a humble little corner beside a futsal court. It was kind of in the middle of nowhere and totally inaccessible by public transport. I have dined at Jamie’s Burgers on 3 different occasions and their standards are pretty consistent.

No Name has been around for a couple of years now but it only got popular recently due to more check-ins on Instagram. I decided to pay them a visit one Friday evening and surprisingly I was able to walk in with no reservations made.

The menu is pretty simple. You start at the top with 4 different types of steak to choose from. I went for the wagyu flat iron because it seemed like the wisest choice to make. Then you move down the menu and choose your toppings, sauces and sides.

For the toppings, I had both the uni and foie gras. Cafe de Paris for my sauce and truffle mash potato as my side.

It turned out to be a pretty good combination.

The steak was good on its own, and the foie gras melts on the tongue. It was perfect. My only gripe is that the meal wasn’t filling enough and I am not even a big eater.