I get a lot of my recommendations from randomly scrolling through Instagram. Lately, I noticed more people checking-in at Bhiraj Tower. I have never been, or even heard of this place, but that’s mostly because Bhiraj Tower is located at the other side of town. Bhiraj Tower is where you can find Roots Coffee, which in my humble opinion has the best iced latte in Bangkok, but it is also home to recently opened Ocken.

To be frank, the restaurant has quite a ridiculous and meaningless name but it actually is a combination of octopus and chicken, and hence Ocken. It is aptly named because I have never had octopus this good.

This was just an appetizer and so the serving size was quite small, but trust me I have never enjoyed eating octopus so much in my entire life. I would order another 3 servings of this dish so I can enjoy half of all the octopus legs.

The waiter who attended to us speaks impressive English and was very attentive. He was honest enough to admit that their portions aren’t very generous so it was safe for us to order a pasta and two mains without feeling like we were over-ordering.

This was the mushroom tagliatelle and by sharing among 2 parties, I only managed 2 mouthfuls before the plate was empty. We went for the salmon and ribeye for the mains, but I didn’t enjoy the salmon as much.

The ribeye was served in a standard 200g cut with cognac cream and watercress, which I felt was ok but it doesn’t justify the pricetag. At 1900 baht for the steak, excluding service charge and VAT, it lacked the wow factor that should have came along with what I was paying for.

It was overall quite an enjoyable experience if you know what dishes to order. You can’t go wrong with the octopus, but I would avoid the salmon and steak. The service staff were very hospitable and attentive so that was a redeeming factor.