AHM 2012

I am, honestly, quite disappointed with my race this morning. I felt well-rested and adequately prepared for the race, and was feeling very confident to run a 46-min 10km.

I knew I was keeping to a good pace when my watched showed an average of 4:30/km for the first 3-4km. If I maintained this pace, a 45-min finish would be possible, but I know I would definitely slow down a little during the later stage.

The horror came when my watch alerted me that I was running 5:10 for one particular lap, and 5:40 for the subsequent one. This is quite impossible, because that would mean I was jogging.. And at the pace I was going, I knew I wasn’t. The distance markers were definitely wrong. The entire distance of the course was probably somewhere between 10.6km to 11km.

The last lap was the worst. I hit the 9km marker at 44 minutes and decided to aim for a 48-min finish, but somehow after crossing the Esplanade Bridge, I was too tired to calculate my pace and just wanted to give it my last burst. There was this little sign that displayed “400m” so I assumed that it was the last stretch. My God, it took me about 2 minutes to clear that 400m and I finished the race in 50 mins.

Maybe the distance markers were right, and maybe the distance was indeed 10km, I wish I could come up with an explanation for the poor performance today.

I am disappointed, but I will come back stronger for my next 10km race.
I will see 46-mins by the end of this year.