I am known to be many things.

A cell group member once called me an encourager, I’d like to think of myself as proven character, but back when leaving testimonials was still popular on Friendster, a friend once remarked that “Timothy is a seriously egoistic guy.”

I don’t deny that, because I know it myself.
I made an excuse back then, saying “My ego is the size of Jupiter, but trust me, that’s a good thing.”

That was almost 11 years ago, but some things never change.

I know I am an egoistic guy, but regardless how big or small, all guys have egos.

Recently, I had to get something done.
I would rather pay money to get it done, than to allow myself to ask a favour from somebody I hate, because otherwise that would make me owe them something in return.

That’s what my ego does to me sometimes.

I don’t like getting my ego bruised.