Identity Crisis

I used to have many aspirations.

When I just graduated from polytechnic, I wanted to join a uniformed career. I knew how important it was to have a stable income in Singapore and working in the government provides that kind of stability. After hearing stories and experiences from both friends and relatives, I tried for both the Police Force and Airforce. I wanted to have stories that I will be able to tell my grandkids in the future.

For a period of time, I aspired to be an entrepreneur. I wanted to run my own business and be a self-made millionaire. I had so many ideas about the various businesses I could set up and manage. I was obsessed with the idea of being rich. Nothing mattered more to me than a breakthrough in financial freedom.

Later, I attended Bible College and felt a calling to go for full-time ministry. I was willing to commit my life to serve the church and my spiritual mentors. I was so driven I did whatever it took to get me halfway to the top.

I then decided, why not mix 2 ideas together? I could set up a business about impacting lives. I had ideas about becoming a life coach, conducting motivational workshops, giving inspirational talks and organizing team-building activities. I started to read more about NLP, body language and plenty of other self-help books to give myself more inspiration. I was determined that this was something that I would really like to see happen.

After University, I loved Sociology so much that I wanted to pursue a career in the academic industry so that I could continue living my interest. I took on several research positions and even contemplated on the idea of taking my Masters so that I could eventually become a Sociology lecturer.

After 26 years of my life, I think I still have not figured life out. I want to believe that I am still Proven Character but if I was really capable at something, I wouldn’t be taking such a long time to succeed at it.

So now? Now, I am a simple guy.
I just want to be happy.