I used to be a very cautious person. I mean, this was the way we were brought up. This was what was taught in school. “Think before you act” and to always consider the consequences of your actions, and how your decisions today will affect your life tomorrow.

As a result, many of us are afraid to step out of our comfort zones. We want to remain in a place where we can feel secure. We want to know that there is still some protection or back up plan in the event that we fail. If we are walking on a tight rope, we want to know there’s a safety net below.

However, after making a bold step to live alone in Thailand for a year, my mindset switched a little. Perhaps it had to do with the Thais way of living, their happy-go-lucky lifestyle and simple approaches to happiness, but nowadays I believe in spontaneity.

Stop weighing the pros and cons every time you have make a major decision. If you really want it then just go for it. Do whatever makes you happy. Do whatever makes you smile. Regardless of instant gratification or delayed gratification, do whatever makes gives you satisfaction and fulfillment.

I think that life is short. It doesn’t really matter if what you are doing today might be a grave mistake tomorrow. We have heard thousands of stories about people making come backs from failures, and besides, nowadays success does really happen overnight for some people. The bad decisions you make today might turn out to be your stepping stone to success tomorrow.

Sometimes we get stuck at decision-making because we are afraid we might lose out if we didn’t choose the better choice or option. I have a history of making bad decisions, but hey, I’m still here.

We make decisions all the time, everyday. Sometimes we aren’t so sure where do we begin, but just give it a shot. It may turn out well, or it may turn out badly.

But that’s life. It’s not perfect.

If it turns out well, good for you.
If it turns out badly, just move on.. Because nobody wins all the time.