Lake Heaven Resort and Park

Lake Heaven is located in Kanchanaburi, approximately 2 hours from Bangkok depending on traffic. Initially we were skeptical about driving there as a short part of the journey consisted of driving through mountainous regions, especially when we had no idea about what to expect on the road. However, taking the train would mean our travelling time would double, and taking the coach wouldn’t offer the convenience of pit stops.

I took the wheel and surprisingly, it was rather easy to navigate and even though we encountered several steep roads and sharp bends, it wasn’t as difficult as I thought.

Upon entering the resort, this was what greeted me. All of a sudden, I felt like I am 14 years old again.

We didn’t make any prior reservations, so I’m not sure how much the resort charges for normal bookings, but I paid a total of 3500 baht for one night. I felt it was rather reasonable considering that we had access to all facilities at the floating playground. Every room has its own hut, with an attached bathroom and balcony.

This was the view from my balcony. I could sit on the rocking chair for hours. There was a constant sea breeze and it was just so therapeutic. The room itself was built on floats, so if the waves get choppy, you can actually feel your entire hut rocking. It could be a little nauseating if you have motion sickness, but I think it highly depends on the tide/wide conditions.

There was free access to all facilities. Life jackets are a must because I have no idea how deep the water goes, but considering that the resort sits on a water dam in the mountains, I wouldn’t want to be caught in the water without any floating assistance.

I was actually very interested to try the jet skis though. However the jet skis go at 1200 baht for 30 minutes, which I felt was too long for someone who just wanted to have a feel of it.

One thing about the resort though, they have their own little convenience store but if you need something more, I guess you would have to travel at least 20km out.

There’s nothing around the resort except mountain and water.

We’ve read somewhere that Kanchanaburi has the best bamboo rafting experience, but we didn’t manage to find any bamboo raft operators. Shall try that next time when I head to Chiangmai instead.

Along the way back, we dropped by the River Kwai Bridge. I had no idea it had such long history and significance. I read about the Death Railway in books when I was a kid, but it was quite surreal walking down the tracks.