Sushi Masa

During the wedding, there were guests who knew I wasn’t local so one of the questions I kept getting was, “So where are you staying at?”

It was easy for me to reply because my hotel was just next door. One of them asked if I have seen this restaurant called Sushi Masa and recommended it to me.

We decided to give Sushi Masa a try one evening, since the restaurant was just behind the hotel.

I had my doubts because the restaurant was empty even at dinner time, but then again Bangkok is never short of Japanese restaurants.

It was a simple menu. Both the chutoro and uni were very fresh so we thoroughly enjoyed them. However the foie gras was overcooked. I had my first piece and I thought maybe it was just this piece, so I went for another and it was overcooked as well. We finished all six pieces and not one was cooked the way we liked. Maybe it was their way of serving the foie gras? We are not sure, but we definitely prefer the ones at Sushi Hiro.

And mind you, it wasn’t cheap either.