CTDI Singapore

I was told by Google online support that my phone was still under warranty, and no appointments were required, so today I made a trip all the way down to Kallang Avenue. I walked into CTDI, located on the third floor of the Aperia Mall.

The lady at the reception counter ran some online checks and asked me for my original proof of purchase. I told her that I have deleted the original email that Google has sent me, but I still kept a screenshot, to which she actually gladly accepted. What happened next wasn’t that pleasant though, she told me that the warranty for Pixel 3 is only for 12 months so that would mean that my warranty has already expired.

I explained to her that Google online support has assured me that my phone was still under warranty, otherwise I would have looked for more convenient options than to come all the way down. She insisted that my phone’s warranty has already expired and hence for them to fix my faulty power button, it would cost at least $300 for original parts and replacement.

It didn’t make any sense to me so I walked out of the repair centre, with my phone in the same condition that I brought it in.

I still love my phone a lot. The phone itself comes packed with features that are amazing, and the camera is still hella exceptional. I could probably continue using this phone for the next 1-2 years if both hardware and software work properly.

But, when it comes to product support and after-sales, I am sorry but Google falls incredibly short in this area.