Dyson Pure Cool Link TP03

I was looking around for air purifiers to use in my room. After reading reviews online, I decided that Novita and Xiaomi are the best wallet-friendly brands for the budget-conscious. You can get a really good one for just $100 to $200. However after heading down to Courts and Best Denki, and surveying the various units available, I realized that they might not be too ideal due to their bulky nature. Their box-shaped body takes up too much space and my room isn’t that big to begin with.

I have walked past the Dyson booth many times but it has never crossed my mind to even consider such luxury product. I personally feel that their vacuum cleaners and hairdryers are overpriced even though some of my friends swear by the brand.

All of that changed when I did a simple search on Carousell and saw multiple accounts trying to sell their brand new, sealed units of Dyson TP03 purifying fan. Apparently there was a Robinsons promo/sale last week and many of them got it for free after spending more than $1500 at the departmental store.

You know when too many people want to sell something that isn’t in demand, you can try to find a desperate seller and use some persuasion skills. I managed to convince a seller to deal with me for $380 and therefore I headed down to his place to collect it. True enough, it was still sealed like it just came out of the store.

I compared the TP03 to other air purifying fans and a lot of reviewers commented that the TP03 fan power is really weak and it gets noisy when switched on at higher speeds. To be fair to the reviewers, the fan noise is indeed really loud if you were to blast it at the maximum speed of 10. I use it at around speeds 6 to 7 and there is a little bit of noise but it is at a very bearable level. Normal fans also have sound when oscillating so it is impossible to expect the Dyson to be silent.

It comes only in one color so not much of a choice there, but what I love about it is that aesthetically it looks more appealing and also more compact. The TP03 comes with a built-in wifi feature so if you connect it with your smart phone application, you don’t really need the remote control anymore. On top of that, it shows you the current air condition, temperature and humidity levels in your room.

When I first started using it, it showed my room’s air as “fair” with a yellow background. It switched to “good” with the green background after about 30 to 40 minutes of usage. I am not sure if that’s because of the air purifier doing its job or is it just a gimmick, but having paid only $380, I don’t have much to complain about.