Star Wars Identities

I have been looking forward to attend the Star Wars Identities exhibition because the past few months have been pretty uneventful. I was really quite thrilled because my first thought was, “Finally there is something to see and somewhere to go.”

But I guess, expectation always leads to disappointment.

The exhibition started very promising with a video at the gate, introducing you to the various steps of this interactive journey. Every attendee is given a wristband where you can tap at the various stations to customize your character.

I wasn’t that interested in the character customization so I just followed through the motion, but I spent quite some time admiring the life-sized exhibits they had on display.

It gets pretty dark inside so it’s good to have a camera that works well in low-light setting.

I set aside 2 hours for the entire exhibition and I am quite disappointed to say that it is actually quite underwhelming. I went on a weekday afternoon so it wasn’t crowded, and I was pretty much done in under 90 minutes. That’s also considering I spent quite some time checking out the various souvenirs on sale which can be a little heavy on the pocket.