La Maison Du Chef

During my reservist call-ups over the years, besides going through all the trainings, it is also a good time to catch up with fellow commanders and men.

We come from all walks of life, and among us, we have Chef Firdaus. Whenever we have a conversation about food, he gets very passionate and would share with us everything about what he knows.

This year’s reservist is no different, we were talking about food again, in particular: onion soup. I have never had onion soup so I don’t know how it tastes like, but the rest of the guys were debating on where to get the best onion soup.

Firdaus then recommended this French cuisine ran by a chef who operates from his own home. We made a reservation with the chef directly, and due to social distancing measures, we also had to minimize the number of participants. As a result, there was only a handful of us present.

First on the table was the much anticipated onion soup. I am not quite sure how to describe this dish but from the taste of it, I could tell it’s beef broth with a generous serving of onions. The garlic bread adds a little sweetness to it. I am not sure if this would be considered the best onion soup, but it was really appetizing and I enjoyed it.

Next we had this toasted goat cheese salad. I know that goat cheese typically smells a bit funky with a sour aftertaste, but this didn’t have that particular strangeness that comes with it.

Then we had the pan-seared foie gras and escagots. The foie gras came with 2 different sauces for pairing but I think it was already good on it’s own.

I did not expect what was going to hit us next. We had 2 servings of beef bourguignon, and while it looked just like rendang, the beef is so soft that it literally just melts in your mouth. The chef explained that this dish is slow cooked for at least 4-5 hours.

I ordered a 200g ribeye as a main to fill up the rest of my stomach. Honestly there was nothing special about it as you can get good steaks in a lot of places. However the potato gratin that came with the ribeye and beef bourguignon is amazing. Potato wasn’t mashed, yet was soft enough to just swallow, and together with some salt, cream and cheese to make it extra flavourful. If this particular potato gratin was to be sold as cafe food, it would definitely sell.

It was an amazing experience to dine at the home of the chef. Thank you Chef Nordin for the awesome dinner and for passionately explaining to us what goes behind every dish.

You can make a similar booking by sending him a message on WhatsApp directly. (Note: He uses a Malaysian number but he is based in Singapore.)