Way Out

I think Sungei Buloh is one of those places in the entire world that you would least expect to find me. I have never stepped foot there my entire life and it has never crossed my mind as a place I would like to visit, so by a work of miracle, I found myself inside Sungei Buloh with the company of good people.

I read up on some reviews before we embarked on our walk. Apparently there are 4 different routes, but the most scenic and easiest to walk would probably be the coastal route. As the name suggests, it follows the coastline and the terrain is relatively flat, except for a few flights of stairs.

From the visitors centre to the coastal route, there weren’t enough signages to point us in the right direction even as we entered the forested area. We weren’t sure if the route we embarked on was the correct one (since there are 4 different routes), but we tried our luck and decided to walk ahead nonetheless. At one point we found ourselves surrounded with trees and looking at mudskippers, so we questioned ourselves if we were actually heading the right way, I replied with not much thinking, “Doesn’t matter, let’s just walk, every route will have a way out.”

I was amazed at my own moment of genius, but at the same time I pondered about what I just said. It was a simple statement but I felt like it carried much substance. (We were walking the correct route anyway in case you are wondering.)

Looking back, I have always wondered how I survived the past 33 years. At various stages of my life, I find myself at certain checkpoints questioning myself if I was heading the right direction. I wouldn’t say I am a pessimistic person but I think at times when we lack confidence, we tend to fill ourselves with doubt. Perhaps some of us have even lost our way, we embarked on the wrong paths, and I guess the majority of us would have ever felt like giving up at some point.

But look at where you are today.
Look at where that got you.
You are fine today,
And you will be even better tomorrow,

Because if there is anything I have learnt so far,
It is that every route will have a way out.

Nothing in life is permanent, so while it’s true that good times don’t last forever, then neither do the bad times.
If you are walking in darkness, keep walking, because every route has a way out.
If you are walking in the middle of a valley, keep walking, because every route has a way out.
If you are walking through hell, keep walking, because every route has a way out.

Then one day when you sit down and reflect back on life, you will be amazed at yourself and how you have made it this far.