Desire Discipline Delight

I should have done this a long time ago. Perhaps you can call it a new found motivation, or maybe it is just a simple desire to return back to an old love.

I have had my Hanzo S for more than 2 years now but I don’t think I have even clocked more than 100km on them. I use them every year to train for my IPPT and once I have cleared my 2.4km test, I just return my shoes back into storage for next year’s IPPT.

I am almost hitting my mid-30s and I tell myself, “It is now or never.

So I guess it really is just a desire from within, for me to literally get back on track. It is a personal choice, something that I want to do for myself.

The beginning is always the hardest. Your body struggles to regain its posture, your legs try to maintain their strides, your cardiovascular system work harder to increase your endurance, and all these usually simplified with some help from muscle memory.

As we begin to practice this habit and continue training over the next couple of weeks, that’s when we reach the stage of discipline. I used to always tell myself that if I have to go for 4-days without running, whatever I have trained during the last session will be wasted. With that in mind, I end up training minimally twice-thrice a week. However to be fair, that was more than 10 years ago, I may not be able to put in the same kind of commitment now, which is exactly why discipline is so important to keep the momentum going.

Going past the stage of discipline, once you have found yourself already maintaining a fit and healthy lifestyle, that’s when we arrive at the stage of delight. We love, and we enjoy what we do. Some days you can’t wait to get started, it becomes the highlight of the day.

It was once a part of me, and now it is a new beginning, and I hope to see myself through.