Taylor 210ce Plus

Every guitarist, at some point of his or her life, would have dreamt of owning a Taylor.

And I am going to be honest, when I am moody or down or discouraged, I cheer myself up by buying things I like.

So, one thing led to another, and one day I got the order confirmation from Swee Lee, and the next moment I had this huge box sent to my room.

Packed in a standard aerocase, with a solid sitka spruce top and Indian rosewood body, the sound is bright and warm and offers enough projection.

I would think that any Taylor out of the factory would have been well or fully setup in terms of playability, but I spent just 30 minutes on it today before my fingers started to hurt. I realized by default it comes in .13 strings which is a gauge too heavy even for elephant-skinned fingers, so I am intending to bring it down slightly to .12, and overall it still feels rather stiff so I am gonna sending it for some additional touch ups.

I have previously engaged my friend Jarvis from The Guitar Spa some time back for my previous gutiars, and he has also improved tremendously over the past few years so I will be entrusting my Taylor to him to complete the setup.

I can’t wait to start playing again.