Common Man Coffee Roasters

It has been more than a year since we were last allowed to travel and I am slowly running out of things to do in Singapore. Having explored the great outdoors, from hiking in Sungei Buloh, to riding the Amazon River Quest in River Safari, to kayaking in the Kallang basin, it is time to start hiding indoors and I started by signing myself up for the Essential Coffee Knowledge class conducted by Common Man Coffee Roasters.

The class is not conducted anywhere near their cafes, but rather they actually have a classroom-styled space tucked in the old aging HDB estate at Chin Swee Road. The place is not difficult to find, just a very short walk from Chinatown MRT, past the State Courts premises.

The class starts early, at 8:30am in the morning. I was the first to arrive and was offered a cup of coffee while we waited for the other 3 participants. (There is a cap of only 4 participants for each class due to safe distancing measures.)

I had the pleasure to share this class together with a much older couple and that played a part in making this class more interesting. The older gentleman was asking a lot of questions, so the instructor couldn’t just read off the powerpoint slides. The instructor had a bit more explanations, and at the same time we got to sniff and sample the different kinds of beans.

The academy offers quite a number of different topics and courses, so I foresee myself coming back soon.