Insaeng Selca

My friend Robin from Busybody SG recently started a new self-photography studio at Henderson Road called Insaeng Selca and I decided to check it out over the weekend.

The concept is very simple. It is a small studio space with 2 cameras. One camera allows the standard monochrome (black and white) shots and another camera is for double exposure shots. You are handed a small remote to activate the shutter and there is a small screen for you to preview each shot you have taken. There are no limits to the number of shots that you can take, as long as it is within your 15-minute photo-taking timeframe.

Once you are done with the photoshoot, there is a monitor beside the counter for you to choose your prints. We selected 3 of our favourite shots to be printed in 6R size.

From personal experience, I arrived at the studio without much ideas for the poses so my advice is to get inspiration for your poses before actually heading down for your shoot. Otherwise you may end up wasting precious time during your 15-minute photo-taking session thinking of what poses to do next. I also recommend wearing contrasting colours so that the photos will look better in monochrome.

The double exposure shots are entirely up to your own creativity. It took a couple of test shots before we managed to figure out how to get the best out of the double exposure effect and this was our masterpiece.

For bookings or more information, you can refer to their Instagram or Facebook page.