Akira Back Singapore

I have heard good reviews of Akira Back for quite some time now but haven’t got a chance to try because in Singapore, we are really spoilt for choices. There are really so many places to go.

For my birthday this year, I decided to pop by and try what’s on their menu.

Due to the latest safe distancing measures, we managed to get a good table. The seating was wide and located in a spacious and quiet corner. I am quite sure this table would have been used for bigger parties like 5-6 people during pre-covid times.

The most popular appetizer on the menu is the cold pizza. I was caught in 2 minds whether to order the mushroom or the tuna version, so we ordered half of each. I personally preferred the mushroom one as it packed more flavour including a hint of truffle. The tuna pizza on the other hand wasn’t anything outstanding.

We gave the salmon carpaccio a try but it wasn’t spectacular. It is quite safe to just give this a miss.

Our server for the evening was Evelyn, who was very friendly and hospitable. She takes good photos as well. One of her recommendations was the Brother from another Mother. Yes, that’s the actual name of the dish. It’s basically a unagi handroll topped with foie gras. I enjoyed this a lot. The ponzo mayo gave the dish a sweet and refreshing touch.

Now we also had the atlantic black cod. If you were to ask me, this was the most filling dish. The fillets were fresh and huge. This was also served as an appetizer but I would say this could easily go as one of the mains. It came with some yuzu foam at the side which looks almost like hand soap, but you just coat a little foam on the fillet and put it in your mouth.

The main dish was actually the signature short ribs. The meat was really soft and the fats melt easily. You can feel the juices from all the fat just breaking down under your palette. It was good on its own so no sauces required. The serving size felt much smaller than the cod, so we ordered some extra sashimi and sushi, but those were nothing special.

I am not some Michelin star expert or professional food reviewer but this meal was good enough for me, and I enjoyed my dinner thoroughly. Good food makes me happy, but the company I eat with matters more.