Asics Sortiemagic RP 6

My last 2 pairs of running shoes were from New Balance and I had my Hanzo S for close to 4 years. I went for my IPPT recently and I was sitting on the bench while waiting for my turn to run the 2.4km, I noticed that the sole of my Hanzo S is starting to fall apart. It was a sign to get a new pair of shoes once I receive the money for clearing my IPPT.

Over the weekend I went online to look for something similar to the Hanzo S. I managed to streamline my options to the Hanzo S v2, the On Cloudflash, and the Asics Sortiemagic RP 6. The Hanzo S v2 has been released close to 3 years now and there is no way for me to get them anywhere in Singapore. I have heard rumours of a Hanso S v3 flying around but that would probably only be the later part of this year. Running Lab sold the On Cloudflash for a while but they stopped restocking due to low demands. I could take a gamble and order a pair directly from their website since they allowed free returns, but the price was a big turn off since Running Lab sold them for much cheaper previously.

That left me with not much of a choice but to head down to Asics at Jewel to take a look. They told me they didn’t carry the Sortiemagic and recommended me to head down to IMM or Suntec instead. I drove down to IMM since it was much closer to home and they didn’t have the size that I wanted. I needed a US8 but they only had US7.5. Undeterred, I then drove down to Suntec and found the Sortiemagic available in both the new colours. The blue/green colourway seemed rather dull so I went for the flashier option.

(Asics has discounts, promo codes and credit card tie-ups for both their online and retail stores. Check what discounts you can apply and make sure you don’t pay the full retail price!)

I have worn Asics a long, long time ago when I first started running. I can’t remember the model of the first pair I had but it came with the Duomax sole. The other pair I had was the Gel Kayano. Both models I previously had were more for stability running and so this is the first time I am trying out their racing flats.

First impression, it is significantly lighter than all the shoes I have had before. The US8 weighs just 132g compared to the Hanzo S at 185g. Almost 50 grams and I could see why.

The mesh is so thin it is almost transparent. The top and sides are just like a layer of skin. Wear a pair of socks and put on the shoes, you could literally see through the shoe and look at the colour of your socks.

The Asics salesperson was quite nice to emphasize that this pair of shoes is recommended only for track use. I told him that I have always worn racing flats and use them mostly for track and road. He told me that road use will cause a lot of wear and tear to the sole. So far, my New Balance experience seemed pretty durable even for road use, but this is my first pair of Asics racers so let’s see how they run.